About Us

We want to change the way people Buy and Power their homes. One of our core values includes “Advocacy”. We believe what’s good for our customers is good for us too.

We believe an energy efficient home lowers the cost of home ownership, is good for our environment, and improves the quality of life for not just our customers but also their communities.

Rewind a couple years: We began to notice more and more of our customers adding solar on their roofs. We started seeing questions from not only our customers but also many of our real estate referral partners about solar.    

So we cracked open the hood and took a look around the solar space and its connection with the real estate industry. What we saw wasn’t good and we knew we had to do something.

We feel an energy efficient home is a more affordable home to own. When we looked in the solar space we became concerned with many of the financing options that were available at the time. We saw customer’s savings being gobbled up by the expensive financing being peddled to homeowners. We saw inconsistency with appraisers, plus a lot of miss information coming from some Solar Res. This left many of our customers and Real Estate Agent Partners scratching their heads not sure what to do or how to advise their clients.

So we went to work on creating our Lowtility program. Lowtility, is a suite of mortgage products that enable our customers to shop where they get their power from, (local utility or Solar).  We believe every customer should have access to a mortgage that increases the energy efficiency of their home, lowers their utility costs, and updates their homes with “smart” home technologies.  

We are committed to advancing the cause of education In the Solar / Energy Efficient / Real Estate Space. We look forward to collaborating with Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Appraisers, and those other companies that also value what we value.

We’ve gone to work giving our solar partners another option that removes some of the offensive “dealer” fees they were forced to  pass on to the customers. We want to bring down the cost of solar, making it available to even more people who want to turn their home into a “clean energy” producer. We want our customers who are buying their home to have this option as well, and not limit financing to current home owners only.

Most importantly to us . . . Lowtility is what’s good for the environment! Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the outdoors are important to us as this is where many of us live, work and play. We are fans of things that help Clean Air, improve the climate, and are good form Mother Nature.

Simply put, Lowtility is the mortgage product for people who care about the environment, want a smart home, and love saving money.

We hope that’s you too.

- Don Worthington