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What is Lowtility?

How it works

Lowtility is a suite of mortgage products that in addition to purchasing or refinancing, allow you to include the financing of home improvements that make your home  cheaper to own every month by increasing its energy efficiency.

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See how: Balingham’s  saved over $100 a month and got over $7500 in tax credit’s using Lowtility.
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See how the Gonzales saved over $400 month on their refinance using Lowtility.
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Why you should buy or refinance with Lowtility.

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There are several key reasons to consider financing your solar panels with your home mortgage:

1. First, by purchasing solar panels at the same time that you buy your home, you are able to generate the most value from your solar energy system, reducing or eliminating your electricity bill from day one.

2. Second, there are costs associated with originating both mortgages and solar loans: by including your solar panels in your home mortgage, you can avoid one set of these origination fees, reducing the all-in cost of your solar energy system.

3. Third, in many cases, paying the interest on your mortgage is tax-deductible, whereas paying your electricity bill is not, meaning that you may be able to increase your tax deductions by paying for solar as a part of your home mortgage.

4. Fourth, financing both your home and your solar project at the same time means you only have one monthly payment, as opposed to multiple payments, lending greater simplicity to your finances.

5. Finally, putting solar panels on your roof will increase the value of your home. A recent study by Zillow found that, on average, homes with solar panels sell for 4 percent more than similar homes without solar.

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