Buy your home & add solar at the same time, using the same loan.

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How does Lowtility make you a financially savvy & environmentally friendly homeowner?

1. An Energy efficient home is a cheaper home to own each month.
2. A home that uses less energy or draws its energy from the sun is great for
the environment.
3. A Lowtility home has the ability to get you more potential tax breaks and incentives than a normal home purchase.
4. Many of our clients get most of their down payment back via tax Credits.
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How the process works:

1. Pick the house.
2. Pick the energy efficient improvements that make it the smart home you want (i.e. solar, Energy Star appliances, smart home bundle, batteries, Insulation, windows, doors, etc.).
3. Lowtility combines the funds needed to purchase the home + the energy efficient improvements into one simple loan.
4. Close on your new home.
5. Receive savings and tax breaks from energy efficient improvements.
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Case Study: Lowtility vs. Traditional Home Loan

Find out why Lowtility makes more financial sense below.

Lowtility Mortgage

Traditional Mortgage


$350k + 20k (solar)

Sale Price


5% Down Payment

4.25% (4.482 apr)
3.75% (4.265 apr)


rates subject to change and can vary by customer, ltv, dti, Credit


Mortgage (PI) Payment


Mortgage Insurance


Power Bill


Total Monthly Expense

Mortgage Payment (PI) + Utility Bill


Tax Credit

Fed: $6k + Utah: $1,600 = $7600

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